Episode 12 - Tristan Clopp

March 19, 2017

Tristan joins Zac and Cody on the show, and becomes the judge and jury over a potential roommate dispute. But before any of that, the influential components of our childhoods. And only on this show will you discover that Zac's subconscious is prone to Die Hard, however Tristan is a freaking Power Ranger!


S:2 E:4 - Flirting 101, Family Vacations, and the Oscars

February 26, 2017

Grant and Laura decompress and share the horrors of family vacation, as well as, give their two cents on flirting. Friendly reminder: Never play Cody in Monopoly. Zac discusses why 10 Cloverfield Lane was an Oscar snub.


S:2 E:3 - Great advice, Becoming a millionaire, and Movie pitches

February 5, 2017

Mac and Cassie McClure teach Zac and Cody that real love does exsist. In desperate need, Zac asks for the greatest advice we've been given. Mac has the chance to win a million dollars. Who's going to play you in a movie? 


S:2 E:2 - Promises, Robots, and more…with snacks!

January 29, 2017

For the month of February, Zac and Cody embark on a journey of deconstructing relationships. Joining them on this episode are long awaited guests: Troy Huddleston and Emily Haas. They discuss topics ranging from promise rings, robots, and more - but don't forget they brought SNACKS!


S:2 E:1 - Passions, La La Land, Hope for the next decade

January 15, 2017

After a year long haitus, Zac and Cody return for a second season. Without any hesistation they dive into the deep end - accompanied by William and Chase. They scratched the surface of La La Land and movies that make us think. Oh yeah, they challenge to follow your dreams and to get off your butt. 


Episode 7 - Randy, Rejection, and Relationships

October 11, 2015

Not many people can predict the future while recording a podcast. We are those people. You're welcome, Randy.


Episode 6 - The Notebook, Pokémon and Hotel Rooms

September 5, 2015

Out of left field Cody references The Notebook, Weston gets over his shame of loving Pokémon, and Zac shares about his evil endeavors in hotel rooms. 


Episode 5 - Mixed Company, Who Wears The Pants? Fly On The Wall

August 8, 2015

Kaitlin Nelson joins Zac and Cody wanting to know who really wears the pants in relationships, Cody doesn't believe in opposite sex friendships. Zac wants in on top secret events in time.


Episode 4 - Wild Times, Disney is terrifying, and Pet peeves

July 25, 2015

Cody is interested in finding out everyone's wild times, Matt rails on Disney and tells Zac's friends to shut up, and Zac is curious to know what it is that we do that drives others crazy.


Episode 3 - Dealbreakers, Relationships…Almost? and Pain

July 18, 2015

Dalton Miller joins the podcast to discuss relationship troubles. Cody wants to know everyone's deal breakers, while Zac is wanting to tackle physical pain.